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For those of you, who love sports activities, the campsite and the local area nearby offer a big abundance of things to do – cycling, jogging, swimming, hiking and many others. Тhe summer season unveils the charm of numerous cycling and walking paths that spread around the area of our camping and are awaiting to be discovered. There is also a football field with small doors and full grass surface at your disposal as well as a volleyball playground next to it.


Do you want to arrange a corporate party, have some other occasion to celebrate or you just wish to spend good time with friends? Our team will be delighted to assist and to take care of the specific requirements you or your guests might have. It is our duty to make sure you have a pleasant experience filled with joy.

The selection of the right place is one of the main challenges for any event organization however Campsite Kapinovski makes it simple for you to make such decision. The arguments are clear – spaciousness, fresh mountainous air filled with pine aroma, roaming river sounds accompanied by the songs of the forest habitants, meadows full of colourful flowers and many others. We will offer you selected drinks, tasty BBQ and appetizers, combined with an amazing atmosphere for your special day. Our beautiful tavern "The Watermill" has a capacity of around 300 seats and is an ideal choice for large groups and all kind of events. The forest houses and our camping zones are perfect option for accommodation according to your preferences.

For further information, please contact us via the inquiry form below or on the contacts provided.

We are awaiting you and let's have fun together!


Among the big abundance of activities you can practice in the area of our campsite, fishing is an alternative that is worth considering regardless whether you are a passionate fisherman, or just a nature lover. Only few kilometers away from Campsite Kapinovski Monastery is located one of the biggest and most beautiful dams in the country – "Yovkovtsi". The big abundance of fish types attracts a lot of tourists here every year. Although the Yovkovtsi dam is a water catchment area, fishing is allowed at most of its shore side. However, the fishing season is strictly obeyed and there is strict monitoring on eventual violations of the drinking water extraction area. We recommend the fishermen to read the signs that designates the allowed zones and to have a fishing ticket, which is mandatory. In the deep dam's water a big variety of fish types exists. Besides crucian, catfish and carp you can catch pike, whitefish, silver carp and some others. Depending on the season and the passages, you will have different luck. The Yovkovtsi dam is built next to the Veselina river that is a typical part of our campsite scenery and which also offers a variety of fishing options. In most cases, here you can catch chub and barbel.

Fishing is a pleasant way to relax and an excellent addition to your holiday. In Campsite Kapinovski you can enjoy so many things at once: relaxation, fresh air, tranquillity, beautiful nature and pleasant places around the water, where you can throw your hook trembling in anticipation.

Art therapy

Creativity is wonderful! It also heals. Therapy through creativity, or as it's more modernly called art therapy, is recognized both as a tool and as an independent method for treatment and self-improvement. It helps with depression, stress, anxiety, apathy, fear, irritability, aggression, etc.
We live in a very restrictive time, where healthy spontaneity isn't possible.

A person says to himself: "I'm not a creator", "I can not". But it's necessary to simply put yourself in the hands of art and follow your instinct. It's necessary to take the material to paint and create what the soul wants and feels at that moment, without setting a specific goal. The soul will speak, not with words, but with images and colors that heal.

The brain is the greatest pharmacy and makes more medicines than science has ever discovered. A persons inner, self-healing resources are closely linked to their creative abilities.

Imagination is the most important source of healing energy, and art itself is originally a communication goal, a means of communication, and a kind of emotional language.

Margaret Naumburg, one of the most famous personalities in the world of art therapy, who's considered its founder, believes that through artistic activities a person overcomes doubts about his abilities, can freely represent his fears and that the representation of the inner world helps him to cope with problems. In addition to the possibility of understanding oneself, art therapy has the power to harmonize, develop self-confidence and sharpen one's perception.

Often a person burdened by the problems of life doesn't even perceive the perfect forms of natural phenomena. On the other hand, modern art with all its peculiarities is a result of imagination and the human ability to create forms that don't exist in reality.

We're waiting for you in nature at the Kapinovski Monastery campsite to create together with you!

Cinema under the stars

It is a unique experience. Specially selected movies for the whole family. In nature, on the lawn, or
in your most comfortable chair. After the screening or the next day, you will be able to share your impressions of the film, and it will be to meet other camping guests.

Friendly match

What could be better than sports, to run a little and have fun? Sports and activity have been shown to increase dopamine levels, which makes us feel happy.
For everyone, There are no age restrictions.
Group sports are an ideal way to make new acquaintances and maybe even friendships.