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Pool bar

The pool bar in Campsite Kapinovski Monastery is by all means a preferred place during the summer season. The combination of a refreshing drink and a nice company nearby the pool, turns this bar into an amazing island of relaxation and pleasure in the heart of the campsite. While lying down on the sun lounger you can drink from your strawberry shake or freshly squeezed orange juice. What can be a better finish of a hot summer day than a cold beer, martini with ice or eating an ice-cream?

Come and share your summer emotions with us and we shall take care of the rest so you enjoy the moment.

Working time: 09:30 – 19:00
Every day

* Please note that the bar operates only during the summer season.

Summer restaurant

The summer restaurant in the campsite is a popular choice for our guests, who prefer to have a meal at the outdoors by enjoying the natural beauty around and the aroma of the old pine trees mixed with the smell of a tasty BBQ. Here, you can have a breakfast and taste various dishes from our lunch menu, appetite meat delicacies made on barbecue, fresh salads, energizing drinks and other tasty things.

The restaurant works only during the camping season and has an approximate capacity of 60 seats. Regardless of whether you prefer to have a quick lunch and return to the entertainment part, or you would like to spend a pleasant evening with the dearest friends, your pleasure is our mission. Please note that our summer restaurant is self-service.

Working time: 09:00h – 24:00h
Every day

* Please note that the restaurant works only during the camping season.

The Watermill tavern

The main restaurant at the campsite - Vodenitzata (the Watermill) tavern is like a shiny diamond in the crown of our campsite. The formerly known "old tavern", being a popular choice among the locals in the past has been revived with passion and style into a real architectural masterpiece. Such that reflects up to perfection the nearby surrounding and finely represents the authentic Bulgarian spirit. A large doze of fascinating charm is brought up via careful selection of fully natural building materials – a combo of cut stones and old oak beams, gathered from the nearby region.

During the hot summer days you can forget about the concept of time by sitting on one of our summer terraces, diving fully into the sounds of the falling water sprinkles from the Kapinovski waterfall. This in a combination with a glass of wine, accompanied by carefuly prepared game meat dish and sweet chat in a friendly company is a guarantee for blisfull memories. In cold nights, the slowly burning in the fireplace logs and impressive interior create a sense of coziness and perfect precondition for romantic moments. The warmth spreads out quickly among the tavern and with this the good mood gets heated up as well. The tavern has a total capacity of around 300 seats with option to sit inside in a rainy day or outside under clear skies, just a touch away from the splendid nature. This makes it a great choice for large eventsbirthday parties or corporate gatherings. We would like to provide you with pleasant moments in combination of a wonderful culinary experience that remind us of the old times. The interior and the style, on the other side, sends a message linked to our old grandparents' traditions and lifestyle. The Watermill tavern in our campsite is a special place - such that has the power to distract us from the hectic everyday life and like with a magic to take us back in a past epoch. There, it seems like the time is not that much in a hurry and it may happen that we find out the answers we have always looked for ourselves.

Working time: 13:00h – 24:00h
Day-off: Monday

*Please note that the tavern operates only during the camping season.