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How the tent camping zones look like and where are they located in the campsite?

We have two tent camping zones. The larger one is situated and spread among grassy and leveled terrain, parallel to the road you enter / leave the campsite. There are many large trees in the area, which give you the option to be in one of the many shady plots. There are also terrains that are under the partial shade or such exposed to more sunlight.

The smaller tent area is near the Vesselina river flow and the Kapinovski waterfall, the pitches there offer deep shade and coziness. This camping area is located a few meters behind our reception.

Both tent zones are located close the epicenter of the vibrant life and emotions in the campsite, but meanwhile far enough to provide you with serenity and privacy. The tent camping zones are equipped with several water fountains and power supply boards /you should bring your own cable/. For convenience of our guests in each of the two tent camping zones there are four additional refrigerators for common use. In close proximity to the tent pitches our guests will find sanitary premises, tourist kitchen and laundry room made available for them.

Where can I park my vehicle?

For each registered tent you are allowed to park up to one vehicle in immediate proximity of your tent. Also just meters away from the tent camping areas there are designated parking slots.

May I visit you with my pet?

Your pets are welcomes in the tent camping zones. It is a prerequisite to clean up after your pet, to be kept on a leash at all times and to ensure that they don’t disturb the rest of the visitors.

Is it allowed to set a sun shade canopy along with my tent?

Using of your own awning or other type of temporarily sun shade is ok, as long as they are set directly next to your tent and do not go beyond the territory of the camping pitch you have chosen for your stay.

Is it allowed to camp with my caravan or camper in one of the two tent zone?

It is not allowed to stay with your camper or caravan in either of the two tent areas.

Camping with a camper or a caravan is only allowed in the designated camping zone.

Is it allowed to light a fire or use a BBQ near my tent?

Setting of bonfire is only allowed in the already created fire pits - there are several fire pits in the two tent zones. It is not allowed to create random fire pits! Please note that Campsite Kapinovski Monastery does not provide firewood.

The use of charocal grills, barbecues and properly working gas appliances is permitted, in accordance with all safety rules. Please clean up after yourselves.

Is there a grocery store on the territory of the campsite?

No. Currently there is no operating shop on the territory of Campsite Kapinovski Monastery.

The closest mixed grocery store is in the village of Velchevo (about 5km from the campsite).

What are the quiet hours in the camping?

The hours between 14:00-16:00 and 22:00-08:00 are set for relaxation.

During this period strictly any kind of noise must be kept to minimum and must not disturb your neighbors.

The use of car audio systems, speakers and music systems is not permitted. Please keep the generated by you noise low at all times of the day.

Do not deprive the camping guests of their right to rest actively. We ask you to be tolerant to each other and not to intrude your way of entertainment to visitors around you.

Do I have obligations regarding cleanliness in the campsite and the environment?

Please help us to keep the campsite and the environment clean. Do not throw your cigarette butts and waste on the grass and the river - there are ashtrays and garbage bins nearby.

Do not leave your camping pitch in a condition that you wouldn’t like to find.

Remember that we are part of the nature!

What else do I need to know?

Entry and stay on the territory of Campsite Kapinovski Monastery mean automatic agreement with the established rules of internal order and terms of reservation - please familiarize yourselves with it.

Campsite Kapinovski does not tolerate individuals or groups violating the set rules.

Forest houses

How long in advance do I need to make a reservation and is there a minimum stay required?

If you are planning stay at one of our forest houses during the weekend, bank holidays or in the months of July and August, we advise you to contact us about a month in advance. For the rest of the time, depending on the time period, it is best to plan your vacation at least a week in advance.

Please note that during the summer season (15.06-06.09), as well as in periods of public holidays, we require a mandatory minimum stay of two nights.

What are the specified times of check-in and check-out?

Your forest house will be available after 14:00h on the day that your reservation starts. We may be able to accommodate you earlier, but this is entirely up to availability from the previous day.

Check-out time until 12:00h on the day of departure. In case that you wish to extend your stay after the stated time of departure, 50% of the overnight stay may be charged. For check-out after 17:00h a night fee is applicable. Should you wish to extend your stay, please contact the camping reception in advance to check if such arrangement is possible.

The camping reception operates in the hours between 09:30-19:00. For arrival outside this period, please contact us in advance.

What is the difference between one bedroom and three bedroom forest house?

One-Bedroom Forest House: We offer only one house of this type and its capacity is for two people. The house has one bathroom & toilet as well as one double bedroom which can be transformed into two single beds if needed.

Three bedroom forest house: Each of the four three bedroom forest houses can accommodate up to six people. The houses have three separate bedrooms – two of them with double beds and one with single beds or queen size bed /depending on the house/. Each of the three bedroom houses has two contemporarily equipped bathrooms and toilets.

Are all three bedroom houses the same?

The size of the individual houses is between 65-75 sq.m./ without the porch /. Due to the specific nature of the terrain, the individual porches have some differences in size and layout. Some of the rooms also have minimal variations in terms of space and arrangement.

Depending on the particular house the bedrooms consist of either two with double beds and one with two single beds or two with double beds and one with a queen size bed. The interior of the houses is largely identical with insignificant differences.

Can I chose a specific forest house?

This is not possible, since reservations are made based only on availability of dates at the category you choose -1bed or 3bed forest house.

At no point we guarantee the accommodation in a specific forest house within the category selected based on factors such as size, particular layout, interior, porches, etc.

Can we accommodate more people than the defined capacity for the forest houses? Do you provide extra beds?

The capacity of each forest house is set with the idea to be is convenient for our guests at all times, as well as the size of the houses and the number of beds in each.

We do not provide extra beds and exceeding the capacity specified for the houses is not possible.

Can you provide us with a baby cot?

The campsite does not provide children's beds. You can bring your own baby cot, if you wish, and place it in the bedroom.

How far away are the forest houses apart from each other and from the swimming pool and the restaurants?

The five forest houses are located at the beginning of our camping and are located just meters apart from each other.

The buzzing epicenter of campsite activities - the pool and both restaurants are about one hundred meters away from the forest houses.

Is swimming pool entrance fee included in the price for the stay?

No - the accommodation fee does not include entry to the pool.

If our guests of the forest houses wish to visit the swimming pool they have to pay the appropriate fee at the entrance of the pool.