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Caravans for Hire

How long in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Our rental caravans are quite a popular choice for a holiday. If you wish to visit us during the summer season, we encourage you to contact us at least a month in advance.

For long stays of 5+ nights or such that encompasses the weekend and bank holidays consider booking at least 6 weeks before the desired day of your arrival.

For a visit during the spring / autumn season, we advise you to book about at least a week in advance.

For group visits at any time during the season, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Please note that during the summer season (15.06-06.09), as well as in periods of public holidays, we require a mandatory minimum stay of two nights.

Is a prepayment required in order to make a reservation?

When an advance payment is required, you will be informed by our reception team.

In the case of group visits (3+ caravans) and long stays (5+ nights) we usually require a deposit, the amount of which will be communicated depending on the details of your reservation.

We wish to visit you as a group what do we need to know?

For a group visits /hiring 3+ caravans/ or organized events in the camping zone caravans for hire, reservation and authorization by the campsite manager is required. Campsite Kapinovski Monastery has the right not to admit groups on its territory without prior arrangement and approval.

When planning a group visit, please familiarize yourself with the established in-house camping rules. In case you intend to organize an event /group visit with strong element of noise such as loud parties, musical accompaniments, car/motorcycle drifts or other activities that would create inconvenience for the other visitors, we are afraid that we are not the right place for your gathering. Due to the fact that the camping areas are part of a holiday complex there is no option to offer the entire place to be closed for a certain event.

For events with a massive character, we recommend that you consider the months of May, June (up to the 15th) and September (after the 7th September). For such events a minimum notice of at least 4 weeks is required.

Are there specified times of check-in and check-out?

Your rental caravan will be available after 14:00h on the day that your reservation starts. We may be able to accommodate you earlier, but this is entirely up to availability.

Check-out time until 12:00h on the day of departure. In case that you wish to extend your stay after the stated time of departure, 50% of the overnight stay may be charged. For check-out after 17:00h a night fee is applicable. In case you wish to extend your stay, please contact the camping reception in advance to check if such arrangement is possible.

The camping reception operates in the hours between 09:30-19:00. For arrival outside this period, please contact us in advance.

I have not stayed in a caravan until now, is this kind of accommodation for me?

Our caravans for hire are a great opportunity to enjoy a real camping experience if you do not have your own caravan or camper or you simply prefer not to take them with you this time. We believe that this type of accommodation would appeal to anyone whose frame of mind is to get closer to a camping experience and those of you looking for a switch from the standard accommodation options.

Our rental caravans are not a luxury form of accommodation, nor are they similar to a modern hotel room.

How big are the caravans and what is their capacity?

The caravans for hire are different models and their size and capacity vary accordingly. We've divided them into three categories.

  1. "Compact"- this type of caravans has a spacious lounge area, which can be transformed into a compact bedroom or two single beds. The compact caravan would be an ideal option for 2 adults.
  2. "Medium"- the caravans from this category consist of a small bedroom (which can also be converted into two single beds ) and one extra single bed. We recommend this option for families with one child.
  3. "Large" – the most spacious type of caravans we offer. This kind of rental caravans are the perfect choice for families with two children or those who prefer a rather spacious interior. These caravans usually have two small bedrooms or a bedroom with two single beds.

Depending on the model, the caravans are approximately 3.5 m-5.5 m long and 2 m-2.5 m wide.

What sort of equipment to expect in the caravans for hire?

The furnishing is strictly individual, depending on the type of caravan. In general the caravans are provided with standard equipment, including a small fridge, a kitchenette, a fan, bedding and towels. There is also a table with chairs in front of each caravan, which we ask you not to move around. 

There is a small toilet in all caravans, some have a shower room, however we ask these not to be used. All guests are given access to comfortable sanitary facilities, just a few meters from the caravans. Please note that the caravans do not have a TV set and air conditioning, but each is supplied with a fan. Upon request we can provide electrical heater in order to warm up.

In the camping area there are four additional refrigerators for common use, placed for convenience of our guests.The caravans do not have kitchen utensils and are not suitable for cooking. If you wish to prepare your own food, you are offered access to modern tourist kitchen, available to all the camping guests. Please note that the kitchen is supplied with basic and limited kitchen utensils and cutleries, therefore we advise you to bring your own. 

What should I take with me for the stay at the rental caravan?

We recommend that you carry everything you think will make your stay in our caravans an even more comfortable experience. Example: additional outdoor lighting, sun umbrellas, sun loungers, toiletries and more. Don’t forget that you are camping.

Is there electrical power and water in the caravans?

Yes, the caravans are supplied with electricity and water.

Please note that the electrical system in the caravans is not adapted to withstand the load of appliances such as electric grills, more powerful hair dryers and the like.

Where are the caravans for hire located and what distances are apart from each other?

The caravans for hire are located in a specially designated area, benefiting from the shade of the numerous trees there. Some of the caravans are situated on parcels with partial shade and more sunlight. These have large umberllas being put in front of them for extra sun protection.

The caravans in this camping zone are just a few meters away from each other. The sanitary facilities are no more than 70m-80m from the furthest caravan, so is the distance to the campsite reception.

Where can I park my vehicle?

In front of each rental caravan, there is a designated parking spot for one car - this is included in the price of your stay. Please do not use your vehicle to move around the campsite unless it is absolutely necessary. Drive at slow speed at all times. Turn off the car's alarm and audio system and do not use the horn.

Please park at the place defined for your car or in the nearby parking lot.

Is it allowed to stay in a caravan for rent with my pet?

Pets are not allowed in the camping zone caravans for hire as well as in other accommodation units that we offer. Ignorance of this condition is a cause for termination of the reservation and imposition of a fine of 50lev.

We will gladly welcome you with your pet if you are camping with your own tent, camper or caravan in the designated camping area for this.

Is it allowed to light a fire or use a BBQ near my rental caravan?

Bonfire is not allowed to set in the camping area, where the caravans for hire are located. There are some fire pits already placed in the tent camping area that you can use for this purpose.

The use of charocal grills, barbecues and properly working gas appliances is permitted, in accordance with all safety rules. Please clean up after yourselves.

Is there a grocery store on the territory of the campsite?

No. Currently there is no operating shop on the territory of Campsite Kapinovski Monastery. The closest mixed shop is in the village of Velchevo (about 5km from the campsite).

Is it allowed to set a tent next to my rental caravan?

Setting of tents of any type in the area of the rental caravans is not allowed. Camping and staying in tents is only permited in the two tent areas nearby.

What are the quiet hours in the camping?

The hours between 14:00-16:00 and 22:00-08:00 are set for relaxation. During this period strictly any kind of noise must be kept to minimum and must not disturb your neighbors.

The use of car audio systems, speakers and music systems is not permitted. Please keep the generated by you noise low at all times of the day.

Do not deprive the camping guests of their right to rest actively. We ask you to be tolerant to each other and not to intrude your way of entertainment to visitors around you.

Do I have obligations regarding cleanliness in the campsite and the environment?

Please help us to keep the campsite and the environment clean. Do not throw your cigarette butts and waste on the grass and the river nearby - there are ashtrays on the table in front of each caravan and garbage bins nearby.

Do not leave your camping pitch in a condition that you wouldn’t like to find.

Remember that we are part of the nature!

What else do I need to know?

Entry and stay on the territory of Campsite Kapinovski Monastery mean automatic agreement with the established rules of internal order and terms of reservation - please familiarize yourselves with it.

Campsite Kapinovski does not tolerate individuals or groups violating the rules.

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