Terms of reservations

Each reservation at Campsite Kapinovski Monastery is made in accordance with the following terms of reservation. Your confirmed booking and entry at the campsite automatically constitutes your unconditional consent with the below points and established common rules.


  1. Each reservation must be confirmed by e-mail or telephone by the Kapinovski Monastery complex team.
  2. Reservations NOT CONFIRMED by the Kapinovski Monastery team are considered invalid.
  3. Deposits sent for unconfirmed bookings are non-refundable.


  1. For groups and events in the camping zones over 10 people and in cases of renting one of our accomodation units (caravan, room, forest house, etc.) a reservation is required. It is also necessary to pay the relevant deposit: 50% of the total amount for groups and the amount equal to one night stay per hire for any of our accomodation facilities. Special terms apply for long stay reservations (7+ nights) in one of our rental units. The deposit is due within 3 working days after the reservation is accepted. If no advance payment is received within this period, the reservation will be canceled without notice unless a further prior agreement has been made. The remaining amount of the sum is to be paid on the day of arrival at the campsite.
  2. In certain cases, reservations may be made without providing deposit and guests are going to be notified about it at the time of making the booking.
  3. Reservation and prepayment is not required for individual visits and small groups of up to 10 people or 3 campers/caravans/tents in our camping pitches.
  4. For issuing of a company invoice, please send us your data to: [email protected] or address your request at the reception desk. All invoices are being processed at our accountants office in Veliko Tarnovo therefore such requests might take a few days to complete.
  5. You can pay the relevant fees for camping reservation or other services provided in cash, by debit / credit card, or by bank transfer, according to the valid rates in the camping in Lev (BGN).

For bank transfer, please use the following details:
Bank: First Investment Bank
Recipient: Scorpion Investroy Ltd
IBAN: BG74FINV91501016331620


1. In case of cancellation, failure to benefit from a reservation or amendment in already prepaid booking by the customer, we refund (if required) the prepaid amount by charging a penalty fee in accordance with the points below:
1.1 In case you cancel your reservation, the deposit shall be refunded only if the cancellation has been notified 7 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date, unless otherwise agreed.
1.2 In case you cancel your reservation less than 7 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, you will be charged 50% of the amount of the deposit, unless other agreement is in place. However if you cancel your reservation less than 3 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, the deposit will not be returned.
1.3 In case of an early departure from the campsite or cancellation of the reservation during your stay, you will be charged 50% of the remaining amount for the period that you initially stated (reserved).


1. Guests are allowed to use only one type of discount (if any), associated with accommodation in the campsite or any other services during their stay.
2. For official channels of reservation are considered: the request/reservation form, the stated phone line or the given e-mail address on our web page: www.kapinovski.bg, as well as bookings made directly at the desk. The reservation form is only an application for reservation and there is no commitment on your part or the campsite’s part unless vacancy and confirmation is communicated to the customer by our reception team. Your reservation is only valid after the total amount of the agreed deposit is received by our accounts team and you are charged with all the Bank’s expenses, unless otherwise stated.
3. Reservations for a specific camping pitches or rentаl accommodation unit cannot be made. Campsite Kapinovski Monastery does not guarantee such at any given moment.
4. Group visits are accepted only after the discretion of the camping manager and depending on the occupancy of the camping pitches for the specific period.
5. Guests who have previously violated the established rules of Campsite Kapinovski on their previous visit may be denied a reservation and access to the camping facilities.
6. The campsite has the right to refuse a reservation to a guest who made a previous reservation without showing up for it and failed to notify us in a timely maner of the cancellation.
7. All minors (under 18 years) mandatory must be accompanied by a parent or adult during the entire stay at the campsite. Each reservation made by or on unaccompanied minors will be cancelled by Campsite Kapinovoski Monastery.
8. Campsite Kapinovski reserves the right to change at any time the prices of the services offered and the conditions for their use. Prices and terms are to be updated on the website within seven days of their change.

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