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Kapinovski monastery "Saint Nikolay Wonderworker" – 0.3 km

Cultural tourism

Nearby our campsite are located some of the most interesting cultural-historical places in the country, which is why tourism is a significant part of the economy and lifestyle in the region and in local people's lives. Only Veliko Tarnovo territory itself provides more than 140 cultural monuments of a high national significance. The cultural history of the region dates from prehistoric epoch. For example, plenty of architectural monuments from the Bulgarian revival time are emblematic for the region surrounding our campsite – dozens of monasteries, churches and houses that were built by talented Bulgarian masters.

Only 20 km away from Campsite Kapinovski Monastery is situated Veliko Tarnovo – a town that combines in its essence past and present, ancient legends and today's reality, rich cultural inheritance and busy social life. The town's story hides glorious and catastrophic moments that define our whole nation's fortune and behind its walls is carefully kept a home of several generation Bulgarians. Veliko Tarnovo has been keeping thoroughly the spirit of those passed epochs up until today – sealed in each of its stones. The symbol of the medieval Tarnovo from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom is rearing proudly in the east city area. Tsarevets hill fortress is surrounded from all of its sides by the river Yantra and it still impresses people with its magnificence. Often, its spirit gets revived at full glory thanks to the brillaint effects of the unique audio-video spectacle "The town of Tsars - Tarnovo ”. The light and sound show appears to be a unique attraction in Europe and you can see such performance only in few countries from around the world.

The region surrounding Campsite Kapinovski Monastery can also offer you plenty of pleasant surprises, as well as numerous historical sights from all periods of the Bulgarian history. It is almost impossible to see everything that the region has to show you in a short period of time, so we offer you our top 10 of cultural-historical places within radius of 90 km.

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