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The Kapinovski Waterfall – 0.1 km

Among the nature

The region nearby Campsite Kapinovski Monastery is an amazing demonstration of natural sights shown in their full brilliance. Extremely picturesque bio abundance, magnificent natural parks, unique natural landmarks, impressive caves and canyons, meandering rivers and beautiful dams. It is hard to describe how various and wonderful the nature that surrounds our campsite is. Here, every admirer of beautiful scenery and those who love closer touch to the nature can feel freedom and find their own heaven.

Starting from the campsite to the mountanious ridge leading towards Yovkovtsi dam is located an eco trail with two separate routes – a harder one, but shorter in distance and an easier, but longer. The two routes meander through the virgin forests of the nearby mountain slopes. There are designated relaxation and picnic areas on the way. The Yovkovtsi dam with its numerous forms is an attractive place for fishing fans from the whole country and for those, who look for relaxation and tranquillity next to the water. The region is also suitable for hiking, combined with sightseeing, as well as getting to know the rich abundance of the flora and fauna in the Balkan mountains (Stara Planina). Here, you can find the areal of the most searched and delicious mushroom – the boletus. During the summer hot days the Kapinovski waterfall attracts hundreds of people, who swim in the cool waters under the waterfall and admire the surrounding amazing nature.

We would like to share with you the top 10 of our favourite places around, where you can get a touch to the nature of our region and to bring back a piece of its magic with yourself!

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